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Thread: Master Layer vs. Pages Problem

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    Master Layer vs. Pages Problem

    I am having the weirdest problem... every time I put any art curves text whatever onto the "desktop" on the master layer, when I save the document, it jumps back to page 1 layer 1? The master layer is marked as visible, editable, printable, I have a graphic I need to appear on all pages, and a square I need to appear on all pages, then each page has text I am changing per article I will be engraving, the only thing changing per page is text, but the location of the graphic and square is the same, I didn't think it would be necessary to copy and past something so constant? I tried to find settings that may be restricting the master layer? I even tried a new document, same thing.

    Please help!
    Signed, confused
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    Have you tried restarting CorelDraw?
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    Have you tried changing the arc texted to objects? I know this gets rid of edit ability but maybe it's just something with the arc.

    (Only do this if you know the settings/preferences that need to be reset to make your laser work.)
    Have you tried resetting Corel draw back to it's default settings?
    Hold F8 button on your keyboard and go into Start/Program Files/Corel and click on the Corel Icon.
    You will get a message about restoring system defaults.
    Click OK and you are reset.
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    I'm not familiar with that particular functionality in Corel - but this might help:
    From the Help file: Desktop — contains objects that are outside the borders of the drawing page. This layer lets you store objects that you may want to include in the drawing at a later time.

    You may need to add a Master Layer on the Master Page to contain the objects that you want 1) on every page and 2) within the page borders.

    I've tried this - it seems to work - hope it helps - no guarantees. And there might also be a better way...
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