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Thread: LaserBuzz 357

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    LaserBuzz 357

    First of all, thanks to Tom at LaserBuzz, for the free design.
    I made the project for my grandson, and he really liked it.
    It took a while to get the hang of the assembly, but it wasn't so bad.

    Michael Doyle
    Wooden Pen Works
    45 Watt Epilog Helix

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    What great pictures - I hope you had fun

    Your welcome

    Tom "BUZZ"

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    Looks good!

    I think he is ready for your Victorian House!


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    Victorian Doll House

    I think he is ready for your Victorian House!
    What you need to know about building the Victorian house, the first time you build it you will hate me you might start drinking and I am not responsible for the words you may utter

    By the third time, you won't need the directions anymore, but you may still be drinking

    Tom "BUZZ"

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