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Thread: A dirty job but....

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    A dirty job but....

    somebody has to do it. This may seem like a weird question but how do you guys keep all the turning dust off your clothes and hair etc. Don't get me wrong; I don't mind getting dirty. But there are times I'd like to turn but don't want to have dust all over me. I'm temporarily stuck without a dust collector and it seems every time I turn it's time for the shower. I'm thinking of buying overalls or something. What do you do to stay clean!!!? Thanks
    Alan T. Thank God for every pain free day you live.

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    Ah... comon! You want to do woodwork but not get dusty? OK. Try one of these...
    David DeCristoforo

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    Maybe stand at the corner of the house, that cool wind should you good as well
    Have fun and take care

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    I wear a turning smock. That keeps the worst of it off. After that I use the air compressor to blow off.
    Eventually I'll get my cyclone set up and try to collect "at the source"...

    You could use a fan to blow the dust out the window.
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    You could always pick up a bunny suit like they use in semiconductor plants... they're not expensive, very light, and they breathe really well.
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    I have a DC drop at my lathe, and I get virtually no dust on me. My glasses don't even get dusty. I do get some chips on my arms and front sometimes depending on the direction of the cut, and those are blown off with my compressor hose.

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    Same here as with John. I'm always going over to the lathe for a 5 minute fix, then off to the office or whatever. Not a problem. Even showed up a time or two in the office with a chip or two in the hair. I just consider it part of me.

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    Alan, Turn? Clean? What part of turning do you not understand? When you turn dry wood you get dusty. When you get dusty you turn wet wood to get clean. What's so complicated?
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    my dust comes off as soon as I get on the carpet in the house

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    without the dust trail, my wife would not know how to find me...

    I use a powered respirator, a turning smock and HIGH PRESSURE AIR.
    Just cut off the parts that don't look like a bowl...

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    I use a DC and wear a smock.

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    Dirty Job

    Like several others I use a drop at the lathe and blow off with compressed air.
    If you are sanding dry wood on the lathe, like when finishing a piece, learn to love dust, it will happen, I promise.

    I know a guy who rolls his 24/36 outside from May thru October under a lean to shed and has a fan to blow the dust away, no problem. Actually not a bad idea.
    David Woodruff

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    Very funny and educational too!

    Some of your answers really cracked me up. I can't wait to get my dust collection up and running but you've given me some great ideas until then. I can roll my lathe outside sometimes and I may be doing that weather permitting. Thanks for the great ideas as well as the entertainment.
    Alan T. Thank God for every pain free day you live.

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    I have a hair dryer hanging at the door to blow off dust and chips before leaving the shop. A nylon turning apron keeps it out of my waistband, but shoes, hair, sleeves, etc still collect. Using an air compressor can be a problem, and a low velocity nozzle needed for sure.

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    A welders type of cap will keep most of it out of your hair if you have hair. Nothing seems to keep it out of my beard. A turners smock helps, though even with the velcro neck adjustment, it still goes down the back of my neck. A painters Tyvek suit would help, and seems to shed dust and shavings. Nothing seems to keep it off my socks, though I do wear shorts (don't you know it is cold? Why yes, I am wearing a hat). A broom will brush a lot of it off. No way to keep it all off, though I am one of those who could get dirty in a sterile clean room.

    robo hippy

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