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Thread: What is the best furniture finish?

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    I wouldn't use anything but spar varnish on my nets.

    If you play around with this finish long enough you'll find that there are many benefits to adding oil as well as solvent and japan dryer to the spar varnish, in different ratios for different sequential coats in the finishing process of course.

    Getting a sprayed or brushed coat to level nicely without sagging but obtaining enough build can be a bit of a tightrope act. Once you've got that proper wet coat applied you want it to "dry" fast enough to be dust proof. My nets have to hang to dry rather than being laid flat so runs can occur all too easily.

    While this net varnish finish certainly doesn't buff out like a 3 week old NC lacquer finish it does respond very nicely to machine buffing after some curing time.

    I've only had to refinish the "shovel" or bottom of the hoop portion of my nets because I use the fine nylon bag as an insect sein and place the hoop into the river bottom which is a bit tough on the finish after a few seasons. I have tried varnish over epoxy (only on the "shovel") to make the net bulletproof but the process is too expensive from a manufacturing standpoint.

    Better details of nets:

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    That was never my objective

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Schoene View Post
    Still, there is no point in mixing oil into varnish when looking for longevity and durability. Your landing nets would be better finished you had used only a long oil varnish--ie. spar varnish, designed to deal with the flexibilty of the net hoops. And, thinned sufficiently, it could have been applied with almost the same ease as the oil/varnish mixes.
    I never stated that I mixed my finish to achieve superior longevity or durability. I stated that I mixed my particular "potion" to get a good finish given my chosen application methods. In service the outcome and the performance of the finish on the hundreds of nets that I've made have validated my methods.

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