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Thread: Casadei Machines

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    Casadei Machines

    Are there any fourm members out there own Casadei Machinery? If so what are your thoughts about them, quality of build, accuracy, and general satisfaction, or lack there of. How do the stack up in terms of quality and price verses Felder, Hammer, and Minimax. They are owned by the SCM group in Italy, which is the parent company of Minimax as well. How do they differ from the minimax line since they are within the same company group? Your comments on the subject are appreciated. Thanks

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    The only Casadei machinery I have seen is upper end product. I priced out their jointer when I was shopping, it was expensive.

    I consider them more in line with the SCM brand than Mini Max.

    There where a couple of Casadei 24" Planers for sale on the Mini Max site, brand new but 2008 models ? .. They where $10,995.. which seemed cheap for that level of machinery.

    I believe Adwood is the distributor.. or was. I recall seeing a Casadei CNC shaper at the Adwood booth at the Las Vegas wood show.

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    I have used a casadei 24" planer at work for several years' and it's pretty much built like a tank. Very industrial, it has had hundreds of thousands of bf sent through it, very fee problems over the years. I cannot offer a comparison to the other brands you mention, nor have I used any other casadei machines, but their planers are solid and accurate.

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    The main line of Casadei is of high industrial quality. They do have a hobby line similar to the Minimax. By the way the Minimax line has certainly changed from it's early days of hobby quality to being up there to the quality of the SCMI industrial line. When folks never heard of a brand they seem to assume they are new or of lesser quality. There are brands of tools and machinery that are completely unknown in the states. The US is not a leader in woodworking technology by any means.

    I don't recall them being part of the SCM group when I first saw Casadei 30 or so years ago.

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    I'm not sure who owns who, these days it seems like everybody is owned by a bigger yet often lesser known company. SCMI does own a respectable number of companies but I don't have any idea if Casadei is one of them.
    I have been told that Casadei bought EMA (another Italian company) to take over their machinery. My Ema jointer is built like a tank and does look just like the Casadei jointers, Then again most of the Italian jointers look pretty identical so???
    Minimax is line geared towards small professional shops, a lighter duty, less expensive alternative to SCMI. Felder (an Austrian company) has a similar line sold as the Hammer line. They also have a line that IIRC is called Format 4, not really sure how it differs from Felder as the prices seem very similar. I own Ema and Scmi machines but none of the other brands and haven't really researched them enough to compare so I can't help you much that way.
    good luck,

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    The Format 4 stuff is the larger industrial version of Felder.

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    Casadei sv/mx panel saw

    Hi, Can I please get some help with casadei panel saw, I got this machine with failed hard drive. I got new hard drive from scm group and paid $2400 for that . now I am having parameter problem with the numerical control nps400. first problem is of setting AXES TO ZERO. SOME OTHER PROBLEM ARE AS FOLLOW.1. A001 - sp1 pusher error .
    error 770- axis A001 Line 1 out of range (-10.00, 4500)
    how to fix this problem , what is the range of the axis A001, How
    to give this range and what is the machine data for A001 pusher.
    because we are putting A001 -PUSHER data from the fig-8.3 NPS 400 User
    manual where
    Zero setting displacement (mm) is 159.80, up limit switch (mm) is
    4500.00 and down limit switch(mm) is -10.00

    2. what should Be zero Q ?
    Because when ever i am setting my axis to zero form chapter 2 nps400
    user manual
    by pressing automatic zero setting my carriage moves towards front and
    then goes back and stops at a place where PUSHER READS-160.4 and
    Zero Q READS - 159.8
    Why my pusher is not reading zero
    when i do direct zero setting and put "0" unit on the pusher
    and do automatic zero setting my carriage again move front and back and
    stops at the point where zero Q Reads - 159.8 and pusher reads -0 but
    next second it changes to 160.8 again

    3. when i am running semi-automatic mode and try to do absolute cut
    following erors shows up

    012- Check input/output of safety beam
    013- check input/output of main blade

    Please help us out on this


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    Umesh, it does not say where you are located but honestly, my suggestion would be to have an SCM tech come out to your shop and perform a proper installation on your saw. Your local SCMi dealer can help you out with that. Whenever I sell an electronic saw and it is the first such machine for the owner or if the owner is not familiar with calibrating it, I insist that they pay to have one of our techs visit the shop, perform the install, and do some training. The money that costs is well spent in the long run. There is no way any of us, even a tech, will be able to diagnose or troubleshoot a repair like this over the internet. You need a tech on-site.

    I hope this helps clarify and best of luck to you.

    Erik Loza
    Minimax USA

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    My first advice would be to start a new thread for your question. Piggy backing on to a 3 year old thread is probably not going to get you the most looks.

    Other than that I think Erik hit it right on, your question is pretty technical and probably not going to be in the wheel house of too many guys on here. Your going to need to talk with someone familiar with your specific machine.

    good luck,

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