All, if you have purchased any Jorgensen I-beam clamps in the last 6 months and felt the bar was not up to it's old temper, you're right.
A couple months ago I purchased 10 36" clamps and 4 of the bars looked to be made of an aluminum alloy...bright and shiny. The locking jaws would divit and leave burrs are the bar making it difficult to slide the jaw.
I talked with customer service at Jorgensen yesterday, the jaws are not aluminum, they are steel, but a softer steel. Their supplier for 40 years closed last fall without warning and they had to scramble to find a new steel supplier which unfortunately starting supplying this softer bar.
They have now corrected the situation and are now making the bars with the original bar temper. Check out your I-beam clamps, if they are the softer steel (bright and shiny) your supplier should be willing to exchange them.
Jorgensen's phone number is 312-666-0640 if you have problems.