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Thread: Jewelery Box Felt

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    Jewelery Box Felt

    I'm starting a Jewelery Box project and will be putting felt into the box and my wife tells me that there is a felt that prevents tarnish. Is she right or are all felts created equal?
    If there is such a felt, where can you buy it on line?

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    Google is your friend ... I'll get you started.

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    I have done a few different projects that have had felt lined drawers, felt backs, and most recently I am just finishing up a couple of jewelry boxes with felt bottoms.
    I use regular felt and make a panel slightly smaller then the box out of 1/8" hard board, then attach the felt with spray glue to the panel. Then simply slide the panel into the box. The panels can easily be removed if you drill a small hole in the bottom of the box large enough to put a pin or nail through and push the panel up.

    I have not been overly concerned with tarnishing, if I was I would use the anti tarnish felt, I believe it is quite a bit more expensive.
    Andrew Gibson
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    I researched this subject a few years ago. There are treated fabrics available that will more or less prevent tarnish on silver. Of course gold, at least the real stuff , doesn't tarnish. The caveat is that the fabric needs to cover the material that it is protecting. I think that this material is used most commonly in silverware cases. It seemed to me that this feature would be too cumbersone and inconvenient for most jewelry box applications.

    Personally, I have never liked the look of felt in my jewelry boxes. It just doesn't have what I would call a luxurious appearance. I use Ultrasuede, which is essentially a microfiber material that looks and feels like suede. It is easy to work with, and really gives a nice plush appearance. It is pricey, but you can find smaller pieces, offcuts, etc., on eBay at a reasonable price. There are imitators out there, but the real Ultrasuede is a step above the impostors.

    If you want a really great look and feel, you can use a thin panel like Andrew suggested, although I like something thinner like laminate, a layer of thin polyester batting, and then the fabric. Cut the fabric oversize, and glue the edges to the underside of the panel, enclosing the batting. This results in a padded bottom that has a truly luxurious feel.

    Hope this helps.


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