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Thread: Tall people and bandsaws

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    Tall people and bandsaws

    After a lot of research, I recently ordered an MM16. This is the first bandsaw I've owned, but I've gotten to the point where I don't want to have to upgrade my tools after awhile - like I'll have to with my tablesaw, jointer etc...

    I'm 6'7" and my shop is currently in the basement. The joists are at 6'10", so I can't put the saw on a platform that will do much for me. When I convert the garage, I'll put it on a higher base.

    Does anyone have any opinions about using the saw while seated on a stool? I've got a couple broken vertebrae from a car accident in high school, and bending over a 35" table makes my back hurt just thinking about it.

    Great site btw, I've read several threads on the MM16 already - just to convince myself I made a good decision.

    Once the beast arrives, I'll probably solicit suggestions for wrestling it down the stairs...

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    I can't help too much with your current situation but when my Laguna 16 arrived I realized that it was at the right height for me to work (I'm 6'1') while it was on the shipping pallet which happened to be made out of a very dense wood. So I just cut the pallet down and bolted the saw back to it. It's been that way for about 4 yrs now and it's great. I wouldn't have any problem using a bandsaw while sitting as long as it was a small piece. Anything bigger than about 3' long would be a problem I think.

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    and how about short people and table saws....

    I'm 5'-7"...and the standard table saw scares me...NYW Norm is a tall guy...I see him lean forward and grab stuff on the other side of the table...Hmmm, for me a scary stretch...ok, you can cut down the legs of a contractor style saw, but how about a cabinet style?
    So are we saying the optimal height of a woodworker is 5'-11" - 6'-0" ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Herrmann
    Does anyone have any opinions about using the saw while seated on a stool?

    I don't see any issue with using a bandsaw on a stool. It may hurt your ability to maneuver the wood but over all I don't see any problem.

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    Gary, I usually grab a stool when I'm cutting several smaller pieces on the bandsaw. I'm 6'3" and I find the MM16 table to be at a pretty comfortable height.

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    Gary -

    First, Welcome to the Creek. A great place to hang out and exchange ideas.

    Congratulations on your upcoming arrival. Did they give you an extimateld shipping/arrival date? I'm about to make the same purchase next week.

    I'm 5" shorter than you and know the table height is 35". Since LOML is shorter (5'2") and will also be using the saw, the bending or sitting will have to be done by me. She refuses to use the Jet 14" since the table is too high for her. Your purchase of the MM16 was a wise one - I am repeating the bandsaw purchase to get the MM.


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    I think you are way too tall for woodworking! Just kidding....Maybe a lare platform around the saw would careful as you move around though
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    2" makes a big difference in height and 4" is a huge difference. What may be comfortable from you will likely not be comfortable for me 6'5" but will most definately not be comfortable for him. I know this from because my older brother is 6'2" and everytime I drive his car I have to adjust the seat. I don't fit into his baby size clothes...etc. There have been specific situations that apply more to this one, but I can't remember right now.

    Honestly I was looking at getting that BSaw in the next year or so, but now knowing how short it is I'm glad I have a year to look for a better option. 35" is uncomfortably low especially when thinking about resawing. I suggest that you check around a little better, before commiting to spending $2000 on something you may not be happy with.

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    I was very concerned about the low table height on my new MM 20. I am 6/3 and felt I would be stooping over all the time. After haveing it a couple weeks now, the height seems perfect. My visibility or line of sight is better than it was on my Delta 14". I realize you are about 3 miles taller than me, but it might not be as bad as you think after a little time on it. Good luck with your new toy.


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    I have the same problems. I am longer from the waist up, than from the waist down and that puts alot of stress on the back when I have to bend over. Your modifications should be based on how long/often you will be working at the saw.I built a tall piano stool that I can adjust the height on and use it when I have to work on a lower surface for extended periods of time. It is more difficult to work on larger pieces on the band saw when seated, but I do it when needed. I would suggest use a stool, with adjustable height, for small work and then see how much work ( like resawing) you will be doing, then build a base( pallet Idea works good) to put the saw on for all of your work.

    Hope you enjoy the new tool.

    Happy New Year

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    I use a stool much of the time while at my MM16. I am 6'1" and the table is far too low for even my comfort. (Any manufacturers listening out there?). I use an easily adjusted drafting chair with backrest mounted on five casters. The casters allow minor body position changes while sitting. I like to get my eyes close to the cut lines. Standing is necessary for some work however. So I stand up and can easily kick/roll the chair out of the way.

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    I have worn out two stools over the years, and most of the use has been at the band saw<O</O

    I don't sit while re-sawing of course, but any tome I do pattern work that allows me to sit, I do. I am only 6' 4" or so, so I can only imagine the problem you must have. <O</O

    Any time you have room without the boards getting in to the area where you will be sitting; you can safely sit and use the band saw. <O</O

    Now I would never condone sitting at the table saw, shaper, or radial arm saw. But while sanding, or cutting with the band saw there is no problem as long as you go get complacent.

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