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Thread: Shellac question?

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    Shellac question?

    Shellac question?

    To any of you folks with shellac experience, does shellac still form a water ring mark from a wet glass if it has been top coated with oil based varnish?

    Same shellac water ring question, but now the shellac is top coated with one of the water based varnish-acrylic blends?

    Iíve been sanding my oil based varnish base coats, and that is tedious.

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    Mostly it is NC lacquer that forms the rings, though if you try hard enough you can get it to happen with shellac. But a top coat of oil based varnish will solve the problem, water born acrylic top coats are only a little better in that regard than lacquer.

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    Thanks for the answers Steve. I know so little about some of the finishes, but I'm trying to change that.

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