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Thread: How To Adjust Epilog Rulers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Shepherd View Post
    I must be missing something, you need to move your XY home in the control panel, and then it'll line up fine.

    The procedure is in the manual. I wouldn't even consider moving my rulers. You don't have to.

    Or either I'm missing something.

    I know when we had our Epilog, I moved that setting several times, doing the exact test that you are doing. The alignment procedure even gives you that very same test.
    It's actually very simple. The laser is fine and the home position is at 0,0. It's the ruler's measurements that don't line up. You'd think it would be as easy as resetting home, loosening the rulers, then doing the tape thing. The problem is that the ruler's adjustability does not allow him enough play to shift the ruler along it's axis to correct the offset. The other axis' ruler should do it but he says his far left hole is not a slot (mine is so I could adjust it if I wanted to compromise my current fixtures positions).
    I design, engineer and program all sorts of things.

    Oh, and I use Adobe Illustrator with an Epilog Mini.

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    I had a similar issue with adjusting my rulers on my Epilog Mini. The ruler holes were not all slotted so they could be adjusted. I called Epilog to inquire about this and they sent me new rulers that had slotted holes for adjusting.

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    Thanks Patrick. They never offered that as an option. I will have to inquire.

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