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Thread: New Shooting Board

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    New Shooting Board

    Thought I would post a pic or two of my new shooting board. I was inspired by Derek and it is his design with a little tweaking.

    3/4" Baltic Birch ply for the base. Maple for the edge and fence. Cocobolo and cherry for the clamp and donkey's ear.

    I added a holdown clamp and a sliding clamp in a track. This also allows me to clamp the donkey's ear without bolting it to the fence. The rear adjustment is a single piece instead of individual feet, making it easier to raise the rear keep it in alignment.

    Danish oil and a good coat of wax on the sliding surfaces.

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    Very nice! I need to make a new on myself and have been trying to decide on what it needs. Do you find the sliding lock down to be repeatably accurate?

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    Very nice, some useful ideas there!

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    It looks like a piece of furniture, well done. Course I can't figure it out so no danger of me making one and stealing your design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon Eyre View Post
    It looks like a piece of furniture, well done. Course I can't figure it out so no danger of me making one and stealing your design.
    Here you go:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Mac View Post
    Thank you very much for the link.
    Best Regards,


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    I like to make jigs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

    Thanks for the compliments.

    The sliding lock down gives a little more support on 90 degree cuts. Keeps the work from slipping. You still set the piece by hand.

    For the donkey's ear, it mates with the small triangular piece to lock the ear down. There is a little bit of adjustability due to the hole being slightly oversized. This allows me to line up the edge of the ear with the edge of the board.

    The piece in back fine tunes the angle of the ear. It is held by two threaded knobs. I just set the angle for 45 degrees using a triangle on the ear and the face of my plane. When it it flush, I lock down the knobs. A couple of test cuts and you are good to go. You pretty much do this once and you should be set.

    I found it to be easier than two adjustable feet. This way the ear doesn't get out of level.

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    Who let this neander in here?
    Don't we have any rules around these parts?
    The rule of law is gone???

    The proper way to trim a board:

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    Yeah but it was made with power tools.......

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    Does you wife know you're about to plane miters on the upholstered ottoman (white fabric no less!) in the living room...although she should be pleased to see how well the hook rides the side of this piece despite the hobnails and piping.

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    It is actually the sitting room of the master bedroom. I used to take pictures of the gunstocks I carved in there, so she is used to just about anything. I have just taken up carving and made a custom wooden lap board to catch the shavings. As long as I clean up, she doesn't care.....

    But if I started to bring in a small table saw, she might draw the line!

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