We operate two engraving machine which we use, amongst other things, to engrave large quantities of small aluminium engraving plates which are used on resin trophies. To ensure consistency We would like use one single line font on both machines however we have got issues with the two machines running different software.

We have a Gravograph M20 running GravoStyle 5 on which we use a single line font SL513 intern. We also have a Newing Hall Apex 450 running Engravelab 7.1 on which We use the DINO single line font. As both machines are running different software we don’t seem to be able to find a 'nice' single line font that is compatible with both.

One thought was to use Engravelab on both machines but although Engravelab works with most Gravograph machines I am led to believe it may not work on the M20. We would also like to avoid the additional software licencing costs if possible.

I would be grateful if anyone can offer any assistance or advise.