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Thread: PVA long term life?

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    PVA long term life?

    I have been digging around trying to find some information on the long term life expectancy of PVA glue joints. I realize there are many factors which affect glue joints, but assume the standard use for furniture in a house with climate control (not outside, not in the rain).

    What kind of life could be expected from a PVA glued joint in the long term (assuming face to face glue joints in a manner where wood movement is minimal)

    I would really appreciate if anyone has any literature they can link. I couldn't find anything from taunton, or I wasn't searching the proper phrases.

    Thanks in advance.
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    If it is any help, I made a knife rack for my mother in 1963 that was glued up with Elmer's white glue. Not a single joint has opened. She also has a redwood cutting board that was made the same year that was edge glued with Elmer's. Despite many thousand washings in the sink, the joint has never failed.
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    PVA Life

    Last year I attended a week long class at Kelly Mehler's school taught by a "well known cabinet maker who always cuts dovetails pins first!" He uses PVA white glue exclusively in his business. He has had no known failures and he's been at this business for a considerable bit of time. He apprenticed in Europe as a cabinet maker and grew up using hide glue. He says he wouldn't go back.
    Hope this helps.

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    Lee S.,
    Question about the redwood cutting board, was the cutting board made from California Redwood? I thought that Redwood was one of the woods not recommended to come in contact with foods.
    David B

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