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Thread: help with Grizzly freight delivery

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    Griz delivery

    I have had many tools delivered from Grizzly over the years, and never requested lift gate service. They always had it anyway. At my present home, a semi can't negotiate the front gate of the subdivision, so I arrange to meet them outside with my trailer. If they didn't have a lift gate, my ramps would provide an alternate means.

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    Do you have a pickup?

    I had the Griz delivery guy set my G0555 bandsaw into the bed of my pickup. I backed my pickup up to the back door of the semi and slid it down tomy pickup. I backed the pickup into the garage and used some scrap plywood as a ramp off of the tailgate. Leave the machine on the pallet while you assemble the mobile base and the machine will slide onto the mobile base. Works every time and no strain on your back. P.S. Get your big feet out of the way pf the box when sliding it down the ramp. By some cold beer for your buddies and get thiem to offer advice while you work.

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    Freight depends on your assets and location

    Three summers ago I purchased the 0513X bandsaw. Grizzly sent via a trucking company that used an 18-wheeler, which would never make it down my dirt road, so I met the truck nearby. The driver was very helpful in loading it into my trailer. Then two of us were able to slide it out of the trailer and stand it up in the garage.

    Last summer I purchased the 0490X jointer and 0690 TS. Lift gate service was not available at my location, so I went to the UPS distribution center 60 miles away. They used their forklift to load everything. Getting those items out of the trailer was tougher, but the 14 year-old son and myself were able to use pipe to roll them out and into the garage. Lifting the planer up onto its base was a two strongman job.

    I have been happy with Grizzly shipping. There have been no surprises.

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    well i got my saw last week from grizzly, and i did order lift gate service but didnt need it since the truck that came didnt have one on it. but the driver was pretty strong and slowly lowered the saw out the back of his trailer down to the street where he put it on his hand cart and took it up my driveway and around back of my house to my shop, up a small step and set it down in the middle of my shop.
    then we chatted a few minutes and he was on his way! a very nice fellow and very strong as i didnt have to lift a finger which is good as i have arthritis all over and im very limited in what i can do and lift.

    so that was the good part of my grizzly experience, the bad part came after i opened the box and started sorting stuff out. top door was bent out and bottom door was caved in and down and one panel of the base had a big scratch in it.
    it was a bummer about both doors but grizzly has new ones coming and i said not to worry about the scratch on the base, its not to visible so no big deal.

    once the parts arrive and i get them installed and get the BS up and running i will be a happy camper. but even with the damaged parts they were on top of it after i called in and stuff was shipped out right away and hopefully here before the weekend.

    A+ so far!

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    I have had two machines delivered from Grizzly to my home in Tulsa Ok. They were delived by SAIA. I paid $34.00 for left gate service which is to the street only.

    In both delivery's the driver used a pallet jack and pushed it up my driveway and into my shop.

    My offer of a tip was refused both times couldn't be happer.

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    Bandsaw came ups freight. Ups guy unloaded at curb and with the pallet jack we pulled it into the garage. It was on a pallet of course and actually would have slid easy.

    Drill press came by normal ups.

    Oscillating spindle sander also came by regular ups.

    Arizona, suburbs.

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    I got a Grizzly G0611X, it came by UPS. I didn't want to wait over the weekend to get it delivered because I could have had all my drawers in the kitchen made by then. So I picked it up in my pickup truck. Then used a forklift to put it in and I used a forklift to get it back out. Soon after it was on a mobile cart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Gregoire View Post
    not offer the driver a twenty to help move it or is that unethical???
    This is what I do and it works wonders! Drivers expect this I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Lanciani View Post
    Another zombie awakens...
    Kevin, did you get the cosmoline off your 7 year-old saw yet?

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    I'm a big fan of Grizzly and UPS-USA - but live in Canada and UPS here is a whole different animal. A few years ago I tried to buy a range of tools (saw, planer, jointer) from Grizzly but they refused to accept responsibility for delivery while insisting it had to be done by UPS. The problem I've had with UPS here is that the customs and brokerage fees seem variable and correspondingly unpredictable. So you have to pay the driver whatever UPS demands at the time of delivery because otherwise your prepaid product shipment disappears into never never land but appealing the amount to UPS after you pay it gets you nowhere. Bottom line: I told grizzly that if they specified UPS, they should be willing to guarantee a price FOD (freight on my driveway ) but they wouldn't do it so I didn't buy their stuff (and I wanted to).

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    I know it is an old thread, but I read every post again, since I have a 623 slider that is being shipped this week. Doing my happy dance to pray for no damage.
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    Thread was resurrected by a spammer...

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    Last time I ordered from Grizzly, gave them my cell number, and when the trucking company called, I had them meet me at the local Coop elevator, where they have a forklift. I had the machine loaded onto my tilt bed trailer, and backed it into the door of my shop when I got home. 2 mile trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Serino View Post
    Bandsaw came ups freight. Ups guy unloaded at curb and with the pallet jack we pulled it into the garage. It was on a pallet of course and actually would have slid easy. Drill press came by normal ups. Oscillating spindle sander also came by regular ups. Arizona, suburbs.
    Good to know you had a good experience. Still thinking of buying a planer from Grizzly.

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