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Thread: laser and woodworking

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    laser and woodworking

    I recently got back into woodworking with a vengence. I am honing my skills and sticking with fine wood woodworking projects. I modified a bushing and use my laser to create cut outs in 1/8 hardboard and use them with my Festool 1400 router to do cutouts and inlays.

    I can even use the laser to cut out exotic wood and insert them in the inlays.

    Here is PC case I created. The fand cutout was done with one of the templates. The internal PC mount was also done with the laser.

    I also use the laser to cut out drilling templates.

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    Looks great. What kind of wood did you use on this project?
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    Here is the thing its not wood. The top and bottom is made out of 1/2 MDF and the base is made out of 3/4 particle board.

    It was ment to be a prototype for one made out of exotic wood. I decided to try some milk paint and glaze to see how it would finish. I turned out so good that its now my shop computer

    Im still working on prototype 2

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