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Thread: Residential laser exhaust vent pipe design

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Swift View Post
    I was told metal was not a good choice due to corrosion caused by certain materials
    Anything that can cause corrosion in your exhaust pipes is going to do the same to your machine... in other words, you should avoid those materials at any cost anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Terry View Post
    I found one that looks exactly like what I want but I cannot find it for sale. I have emailed the manufacturer. Perhaps someone on here has seen this somewhere.

    Dampered Weather Cap
    Exhaust pipe termination cap with a backdraft damper. Dampers close automatically when exhaust fan is shut off. Dampers are pitched to close to let rain or snow runoff outside of duct.. Available in all diameters.

    James, what did you find? Can you put a product name or link to it. It's an old thread but I am looking for a very similar thing, a 6" "upblast" with dampers.
    The closest I've found is here,
    Seems like the recommendations are to get it up pretty tall (6'). But I really did not want to use guy wires.

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    I cut tons of latex and have yet to find anything as disgusting and likely to make new enemies. I vent out the window in the dead of night and slide out of there before sun-up. My new neighbor downstairs happens to be a night owl too which messes up my entire operation. He brought me down to his unit to experience the hell I had created in his workshop. it was horrendous. The airflow must be going out my pipe and the negative pressure or window unit pipes it right back in downstairs. I also suspect that latex particulate is heavy and it sinks like a thick fog possibly even through the floor. it was 2x-3x worse in his workshop than mine. I imagine filtering sticky nasty latex is financially bonkers but I will say that fine tuning my settings for each color, thickness and mfr. of latex sheet has made a monumental impact. we now aim to just barely get thru with the lowest possible power and add a 10 min. blow-out before cracking the lid open. My neighbors still hate me. I need a 4" coupler for a stargate to solve this. :/
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    My exhaust is simple , its a 6 inch metal pipe(woodworking dust collection piping) with a 6 inch blast gate just before the fan exhaust
    and i have a 90 degree at the top, goes up the side of my shop and has a course mesh at the opening (birds were trying to next)
    No rain works very well ---i have 2

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    ya'll relize this thread is 8 years ols right
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