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Thread: Acceptable runout for lathe

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    Acceptable runout for lathe

    In the course of chasing down a chuck not running true on my old delta lathe (1460 I believe), I checked it at the spindle.Carefully cleaned the inside M/T and tried 3 different #2 M/T centers. Measured with a dial caliper each center showed between .003 & .004 runout.
    Would you consider this excessive?
    I'd think a bearing replacement would be the only cure?

    I've removed the bearings and measured and searched briefly for replacements but I've come up with some peculiar measurements.
    2.050 .982 .660 thick?
    Each one has C88505 marked on it.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    Run OUT

    For me and I am speaking specifically for me I can detect problems with run outs exceeding.001" The two wood lathes and the one metal lathe measures .0003" total run out measured on the naked spindle end.

    In this case less is definitely more.

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    Whether this is acceptable will depend on what you are making.
    Since you have already removed the bearings, might as well replace them. This will likely fix the problems, if not consider other possibilities. If a spur center has ever spun in the spindle, it might have left enough damage to cause this amount of runout in a center. Damage to the shoulder area can cause a chuck to have excessive runout.

    Most bearings are metric, sounds like yours are 25mm ID x 52mm OD
    When failure is not an option
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    Each one has C88505 marked on it.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Sandy, go to your local bearing house, and with that number, they should be able to replace the bearings on the spot.... I just replaced those same exact bearings on my old lathe last week.. The 88 supposedly indicates felt seals. Don't get those, instead get the ones with rubber seals....... They should cost about $9 each........ Jerry (in Tucson)

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    Sandy try Boca Bearing in Florida. They can find anything for you but I'll bet they already have what you want.

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    Thanks all of you, I was not thinking metric in a 50 yr. old American made machine. That explains it.

    I've got a good idea what's wrong with the chuck now that I've thought it out but I would like to get the spindle running as true as I can first.

    Thanks again

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