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Thread: IWF 2010 Questions . . .

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    Smile IWF 2010 Questions . . .

    Hello Knowledgeable persons . . .:-)

    I have a few basic questions about the upcoming IWF 2010.

    1. Is it open to the general public or do I need to have "business" name when I register?

    2. Any suggestions on where to stay? It will be the wife & I driving in from Baton Rouge, LA. (I have gotten where I hate to fly . . . TSA, etc . . )
    So we will need parking for our vehicle.

    3. My purpose for going is to see & touch CNC routers & meet people that are part of the SMC Community. Keith, Jim, Joey, etc . . .

    4. How many days should I plan on being there to see everything that would be of use to a person planning to start a small CNC home based business?

    Thanks in advance,
    Support the "CREEK" . . .

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    open to all, register as an employee of McGrew Woodwork if need be.

    two days minimum for the first visit!! i tried in one in 96 (not a good idea)

    show is smaller (economy) but means there will be more face to face time,

    camaster will give several seminars on machines and software!!

    parking is no problem, but wear tennis shoes (it is a big place)

    for the first few years i stayed out by the interstate and drove in each day but there are lots of good hotels near the center and walking is no problem

    look forward to meeting you,

    also walk an see it all, keep a log of what you like and purchase on the way out



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    The places to stay next door to the site book up fast and can run high $$.
    Alot of the folks i have talked to are going to stay on the out skirts of town and take MARTA to the show. This way parking is free and you do not lose your car like I did after a Hawks game one time. Like Jim said Min of 2 days 3 would be better. There is a lot to see. If you find a seminar to view this can take up to 30 min then if you have a question for the vendor another 25 or so. Your first time it can be overwhelming. Good shoes is a must. Do not buy the insert gels from the vendor there that is a waste of $40. Bring snacks in your (roll around cart) saves you money and the cart is good for the freebies. We will have bottled H2O while it last. Make one of your days the last day all the deals are made then. "do not get any ideas" the truth is after set up, talking to 1000's of people, and a 4 day grind that some of the deadliest catch cast would turn down, vendors will make good deals not to have to pack up.
    Joey Jarrard
    CAMaster CNC

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    I set and tear down trade shows and you have to be quick to get some good deals. Don't be afraid haggle. Take a note book and mark down the stuff and where it is that you want to try and get the mind goes into overload and you will forget what and where.

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    I am working on a presentation for the CAMaster booth about CNC startups. How to get going as quickly as possible making money! I will share what I have learned about getting on bidders lists with construction companies, marketing signs and profit margins that are possible. I am not an industry expert but I can share what has worked and what hasn't worked for me over the last five years.

    Jackie and I are working on a DVD presentation now.

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    So other than our booth I am looking forward to saw stop, southeast tools, onsrud cutter, Blum, & all the power tools. What are the folks here at the creek looking at at the show?
    Joey Jarrard
    CAMaster CNC

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    I have one mission

    Really I am just going to walk around and take it all in!


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    I second that Nick. This is my first time at IWF and I want to see as much as I can and still spend plenty of time bugging Joey and Paul. I understand that there are generally a lot of freebies ie pencils, glue etc and I want to take advantage of that also.


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    I love the lanyards. I have a 50+ collection of them back to iwf 98. So please anyone that finds some help me out. Last year I only got 2 due to being tied to the booth most of the time.
    Joey Jarrard
    CAMaster CNC

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    This is my first visit to IWF looking forward to seeing all the top name brands and of course visiting CAMheads and talking to Keith about the ADA sign business.

    CAMaster 508 ATC + Recoil
    2013 Trotec Speedy 100, 60 watt, rotary attachment, vector grid.
    CoralDraw - Aspire 4.0 - EnRoute

    Custom Architectural Signage
    Mick Martin Woodworking

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    I'm looking forward to IWF, and seeing all of you again. Joey, I'll see what I can do about the lanyards for you. I've never been ashamed to ask for freebies. BTW, thanks for getting the quote back so quickly. We're in a holding pattern right this minute waiting on the go ahead for job. Once we have that we'll get back to you (if not sooner).

    “Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy and chivalry.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I didn't change my mind, my mind changed me.
    Bella Terra

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    On the last day of iwf in 2008 I think I brought home a dozen and a half canvas and "renewable product" (fiber type) shoping bags. Still use them for groceries today.
    Glad its my shop I am responsible for - I only have to make me happy.

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    Thanx Belinda and no prob on the quote.

    Mike one year I came home with a ice cream table.
    It was gray with purple edgebanding.
    Joey Jarrard
    CAMaster CNC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas Bukky View Post
    I have one mission

    Really I am just going to walk around and take it all in!


    joey is it true? is the show machine really being painted "PINK"????

    Last edited by james mcgrew; 06-03-2010 at 7:45 AM.

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    We have thought about it due to the fact it will be mostly paid for by VS.
    Joey Jarrard
    CAMaster CNC

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