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Thread: Bonnet Top High boy Tutorial

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    Thanks David,

    That is amazing, it would take me more than 7 days just to think about it...

    Great job, Sam

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    Thanks Dave, I found this useful when I made mine. For a video of making the bonnet top one might try Matt Cremona on youtube or use this link for a 2nd video:

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    Exceptional work...VERY well done,,,Great attention to the details!!!!

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    I just came across this thread. Great stuff. One thing I couldn't figure out on the first page was your method of marking the leg mortises. Could you explain how you "mark the centerline of the mortise" . I just finished a project where I had to do a lot of adjustment to get the sides flush with the legs so I would like to be able to avoid that in the future. Thanks.


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    Woody, I am not Dave, but I have built two highboys similar to the ones detailed int this tutorial.

    What I do is saw the leg posts fat, for instance if the leg posts are to be 1 1/4” square, I saw them 1 5/16”, the mortises are marked out from the two inside faces of the leg post as if the leg post was cut 1 1/4”. The extra 1/16” on the outside of the leg post is flushed up with a sharp plane after the legs, sides, back and front are glued up.

    Hope this helps..

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    This is great stuff Dave!


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    I am totally impressed. It would take me a lot longer than 7 days. When ever I work with figured work I keep getting tear out.
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