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Thread: SMC Turner Interview - Wally Dickerman

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    thanks for sharing Wally

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    No mater how experienced or in-experienced we are we can always use a little more inspiration. Wally you provide it in spades. Thanks for the interview.
    JD at J&J WoodSmithing
    Owingsville, Kentucky

    "The best things in life are not things."

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    What an excellent inteview. It seems like I have "known" you for a long time via the internet, but it sure is nice to really learn about your life. As others have said you are an inspiration to us all. I hope I am fortunate enough to meet you in person some day and thank you for all you have done for woodturning and woodturners.

    Take care and keep turning,
    Happy and Safe Turning, Don

    Woodturners make the world go ROUND!

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    Thank you . This write up is definitely inspirational.

    I hope we can all reach 90 years old, and beyond, and still be at the lathe doing what we all love.

    Man, that's almost 60 years away for me!

    I echo Don's words - it would be an honor to meet you in person someday.

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    Terrific interview and really nice to get to know you Wally. As usual, turners here give me inspiration. Thank you.

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    I don't know how I missed this great interview till now, but better late than never!
    GREAT comments and FANTASTIC work!
    Your appreciation and desire around woodturning is an inspiration to me...
    I only hope that I last as long at it and get as good.
    Thanks for doing the interview.
    Change One Thing

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