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Thread: Table Saw Power Substitution

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    Table Saw Power Substitution

    I own a Jet Table Saw Model no. JPS-10TS (1 3/4 hp). Does anyone know if it is possible to replace my 1 3/4 hp motor with Jets 3 hp motor?

    Thanks, Charlie

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    Without seeing the two motors in a side to side comparison there is not a lot of way of telling. I suggest you call JET tech and ask if they have en-countered it and if they could compare the two and give you a call back. Perhaps mounts could be adoptive but again.. not much to go on without seeing them both side by side.

    Good luck...

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    tablesaw power substitution?

    I'm curious, as to why would you need to almost double the hp of that table saw? That Jet saw should have ample power to do almost anything you would ever need to do in about any situation. When you start swapping larger motors for smaller ones, usually the mounting brackets won't line up properly,
    holes have to be re-drilled to make them work and so on. Another problem,
    is the electrical power to the saw, you will need a 25 or 30 amp 230v
    single use line to power that saw, most likely it is 20 amp 115v now. Do see where all of this is headed, more work and lots more expense.

    Another problem is the torque and weight of the larger motor....can your saw's trunnion handle that extra stress without doing any damage to it?
    All the things considered...I wouldn't do all that, without carefully looking
    at the saw and other options available. If you were only changing out a
    defective 1 1/2hp motor to 2hp probably little to no problem, but a big
    hp jump up is another thing to think about!

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    If you can get the label information you could determine if it would fit. Electrical motors have codes on them that will tell you the arbor size, mounting hole spacing, and most of the other information that has to do with fit. Google "NEMA frame chart" and you will find guides to help figure out if any given motor will fit. If your motor's frame size and the other motor's are the same, it fits (barring any clearance issues). These smaller sized motors don't come in a lot of frame sizes so there's a good chance that it would fit.

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    I come from the "more power" school of thought on many things but, I am curious like Jim. I have a 22124 with 1-3/4HP and unless a heckuva great deal came along I would be hard pressed to change. I guess the point is; are you sure you need more power or just a good alignment and better blades(?). Just food for thought.
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    I'm with Charles on this one. I encountered the same situation last year with my steel city hybrid 1 3/4hp. I searched every motor dealer in town and on the Internet as well as steel city and had no luck after 6 months I sold the saw and bought a used powermatic. Taking into account all the mods necessary and the $600 price tag on a 3HP tefc motor it was a much better option to buy another saw. I have a small production shop and couldn't even rip down a pine X without the saw bogging down or burning the board. If your curious, yes I use a ripping blade a crosscutting blade and a plywood blade I've never been too lazy when it comes to changing them especially when I'm paying around 100 a piece. If I could be of any advise at all sell your saw and get a used delta or powermatic, they're everywhere and may just need a little TLC. I polished the top, ordered a new fence, found paint codes on line, repainted and the thing looks brand new, with a grand total of about $1300 spent. Sold my Steel city for $700, wasn't a bad deal, if I knew then what I know now I would have easily spent the $3-K on a good saw.

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    More than Just HP at issue.

    I would call Jet Tech Support before I modified a saw in any way. There is more to a saw than just HP. Can the saw itself take the additional HP without committing suicide? Ya know, stuff like bearings, framework, etc.
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    While it may be possible, and it may work for a while (or even for a long time), I can't help but think that the added weight and torque on the trunnions, bearings, and pulleys isn't a good thing for that saw.

    My 22124 1-3/4hp hybrid could cut just about anything to full blade height without major hesitation provided I had the right blade, good alignment, and the board was flat and straight. Good alignment and a sharp thin kerf blade make a big difference. 220v made a notable difference in my particular situation too, but YMMV.

    I have a 3hp cabinet saw now that's definitely less sensitive about all of those stated parameters, and has more power. Given the cost differences in the motors in addition to the potential strain you'll be adding to the Jet, I think you'll be better off selling your hybrid and buying a 3hp cabinet saw.
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    Motor substitution on Jet TS

    Thanks fellow's for everyone's input. On the suggestion I call Jet Tech Support, I did just that and a man named Russell told me absolutely not to try the swap. I'm conservative so I believed him. Thanks for all your replies. I sincerely appreciate it. Charles Knight, Pearland, TX

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