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Thread: Anyone every hear of "Truper" brand tools?

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    Anyone every hear of "Truper" brand tools?

    So I was searching around for replacement plane blades on the cheap for a fore plane type deal that doesn't need to be real high quality. I found this brand going for less than $5.

    I've never heard of Truper, and for the price I doubt it's worth much, but has anyone used anything of theirs before?

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    From what I could find on the net, looks like they are made in Mexico.....RUN, don't walk away.
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    Who cares if they're made in mexico, at least they're made on the same continent.

    I was unaware that Truper was entering the woodworking tool market, or when they did.

    If it helps, I have a Truper brand shovel in my barn. I am impressed with it's resilience.

    As far as their planes go, I doubt they are worth much but I could be wrong.
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