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Thread: which wood for knife handle?

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    which wood for knife handle?

    My dad asked for a boning knife for christmas this year and I thought it would be nice if I bought a factory made blade and added a custom designed handle. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone know of a site where I can buy good quality knife blades? Also, what types of wood are acceptable for knife handles? I am thinking of using osage orange or hackberry because I some of these types of wood from trees that my dad and I cut down. Or should I just buy a knife and forget this project?
    hope this isn't too many questions, I really don't know where to start on this project.

    Thanks in advance,

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    A friend of mine made a carving set for his parents using cocabola, it was beautiful. I would think using wood from a personal history like you described would be awesome as well.


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    Many knives use snake wood...very nice
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    Check for some knife making websites, or forums... My father-in-law used to be into knifemaking. When I was in college he helped me make a knife. You can use any kind of wood you want. He made some out of rosewood, purpleheart, and my favorite was Zebrawood. I think your Osage would make a sentimental knife! It is a hard and durable wood, plus you harvested yourself! All the more rewarding. Knives are quite simple to make. You don't need to buy a blank if you're willing to try to make one. I made a knife blank about seven years ago from an old file. I softened it with two torches and then used a bench grinder to shape the blade. There are some old posts in the Neanderthal forum about annealing files for chisels, check them out. THey were using Kingsford briquets. I still haven't put a handle that blade yet. Maybe I ought to ressurect that project. I was planning on using rosewood and brass for the handle. Knife making is quite fun. I've thought about getting back into it, along with making some chisels....

    Also, check Barnes & Noble. There are a lot of knife-making magazines to give you ideas and get you started. Hope this helps.

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    Another vote for cocobolo. It has long been used for knife handles because of its beauty, density and natural oiliness which helps extend its life. Very beautiful wood. Other choices will work as well.
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    Take a look on Ebay, the have all kinds of wood knife handles.

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    Here's a couple of links you can try. Maybe you'll find something at one of them.

    Hope this helps,


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    Osage Orange makes a pretty knife handle in my opinion, especially when used with another accent wood. This is a knife handle I made with osage orange and bocote. The osage was a very old log, and had some worm holes, thats what is on the top of the handle. Lots of other woods will make pretty handles, but if you think he will like the osage, don't be afraid to use it, good hard durable wood too. Well, I can't get the picture to attach, so please copy and paste or click on the link.

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    I have some snakewood that I intended for a knife handle. What size are you looking for? I can make you a me off line here if you are interested. I can get you some pictures.
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    Here's a link to all the knifemaking suppliers you'll need:
    For knifemaking information, try the knifemaking forums.
    I've uesed Osage Orange for a knife handle before. I didn't use the knife much, so I can't really say how well it held up, but it looked good!
    Hope this helps.
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