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Thread: Bench hook and pull saw

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    Bench hook and pull saw

    I was thinking of making a bench hook for my venture into the land of neanderthal. It just occurred to me that I only have japanese pull saws. Does the regular bench hook works well with pull saws? by regular i mean the work piece is between the edge of the bench and the stop. Or should I modify it into a bench "coping jig" so that the saw can pull the work piece into the stop?

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    You can make a bench hook that works with a pull saw; just put the brace at the other end and be prepared to hold onto it more.

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    What I was thinking, is, instead of the cleat that go over the edge of the bench on a regular bench hook, you could put two dowels, space to fit in two dog holes, so you don,t have to hold on the hook and then place the fence so it is close to you and bingo!
    Keep us updated on what you come up with.

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    My bench hooks are made so they will fit into a vice for holding or can be clamped to the apron with some holdfasts or other clamps.

    I have made bench accessories that use dowels into round dog holes. Even drafting board supports for when I am in the mood to draw some plans.

    My bench hooks are usually made to be flipped over. Some have miter slots on one side and a shooting ramp on the other. Others have 90 slots on one side and 45 slots on the other.

    I have used a regular bench hook with pull saws. It would not be hard to make one hook to the far side of the bench for this kind of use if that is what one wanted.

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    I just use the same bench hook, hooked on the back of the bench.
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    I didn't realize the solution was that simple! I'll make a regular hook half the width of the bench and just pull it from the back for pull saw and push from the front if i get any push saw later. Thanks all for your suggestions!

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    MY thought is to put both cleats on one end and clamp the bottom one in the bench vice. Then the top cleat holds the part as you pull.


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    My bench hook has the fence that is centred (rather than at one end only).

    The bench hook clamps in the front vise with a underside cleat (as usual), but the central fence means that it can be used when pushing a Western saw, pulling a Japanese saw, as well as shooting with a shoulder plane (since you also need to do this from each side of the shoulder).

    I don't have a picture of the bench hook using a Japanese saw, but here it is with a Western saw ..

    .. and both sides used with a smoulder plane (Veritas Small - review in the next day or two) ..

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