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Thread: Removing protective paper from old Plexiglass?

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    It must be the same stuff they use to coat eyeglasses to keep them from scratching.. Looking at my reading glasses, it only works for a while
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    Have you tried putting a wet rag on the paper and pressing the rag with hot clothing iron? Steam may release it. Getting the adhesive residue may require the use of an ammonia based cleaner but I have used WD40 for the residue of labels before. I don't know how WD40 will react to plexiglass.
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    I've tried everything and baby oil and window cleaner to remove it worked for me. It takes some time, so let it soak in.

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    If these are larger flexible pieces, how about bowing them and holding them in a clamp for a day or two. Perhaps that will help break the bond.

    I'd try protective coating on the concave side first.

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    by mistake

    I had some pre cut acrylic to put over photos and the paper was taking forever to get as per usual, I put off the job because it was bothering me. We have had several 80 degree days and I sat down tonight figuring I had a long night ahead of me peeling paper...lo and behold both sides peeled off in one pull. So my thoughts on getting the paper to come off easliy is procrastinate until you absolutely have to do it and hope for some real hot weather.....
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    Hi John, you might want to try this product, it's called Maskoff. I have used in the past with good success. I got mine at a local plastics distributor in the area. With a quick google search I found this site.

    Be sure to let it soak into the paper for 10-15 minutes.

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  7. how to remove paper from plexi glass that has aged

    Quote Originally Posted by John McClanahan View Post
    I have a chance to pick up on some aged white plexiglass that still has the protective paper on it. Needless to saw, the paper is stuck to it. Is there anything that will make the paper release? I would like to use it to practice on with my CNC router.

    I spent a lot of time trying to remove protective paper and tried WD40 , goof off ,GOO gone mineral spirits and razor blade all to no avail or very little progress so I set it aside for a future project . Then i sold a food trailer that had stickers all over it and I asked the guy how did he remove them so quickly and he said he took it to a car wash and used the hot wax setting and they came right off . So I fired up my cheap pressure washer from HF and tried it out and it took it right off!! So give that a try .

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    FYI Bob you just replied to an 11 year old topic, New folks just want to post something.... please but check the dates first? PS I take stickers off with my hot air gun, a little heat and they peel right off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill George View Post
    FYI Bob you just replied to an 11 year old topic, New folks just want to post something.... please but check the dates first? PS I take stickers off with my hot air gun, a little heat and they peel right off.
    That was a good hint as I have a lot of old plexi with the paper stuck on

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