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Thread: Gothic Tracery Instructions?

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    Gothic Tracery Instructions?

    I have been searching google for a few days, looking for instructions on how to draw tracery; and having no success. Can anyone assist?

    The best I have found so far are some old (Really Old) book on Google, pre 1900's with illustrations and the most detailed instruction is "the inner circles are 1/3 the size of the outter". Not much help past this part.

    Maybe I am just using the wrong search phrases, does the art of tracery go by a different name these days?


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    Maybe Celtic knots or Celtic knotwork are what you're talking about?

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    I did a google search on "How to make gothic tracery" and found several resources that might be of interest. Here's one.
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    Nice find!

    Thanks Lee, I came across that one and wasn't ready to invest any $$ yet. But the PDF Michael posted was something new I have not seen.

    Thanks guys.


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    Gothic Tracery


    I've pretty familiar with the technique. Have published a couple of pattern articles in Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts Also have have an good collection of 19th century books on the subject. What do you need in the way of tracery design?


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