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Thread: Man gets 1.5 million in table saw case

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    Man gets 1.5 million in table saw case

    This just in. Read about it in the Boston Globe.

    "A Boston jury has awarded $1.5 million to a Malden man who injured his fingers on a saw while installing oak wood flooring several years ago in a first of its kind case that claimed the standard design of American table saws is defective." (ie: no flesh detection technology!)

    Link is here:

    If the link disappears, you can find info at the "Wood Whisper" web site.

    Rather amazing. Takes spilling hot coffee to a different level.



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    1. I’d rather have my fingers.

    2. It remains to be seen how much, if any; Mr. Osorio will actually receive.

    3. The lawyers will benefit the most unless “flesh detection technology” or similar improvements are required on all table saws.

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    If mandated, I bet the costs of TS's would greatly increase. I'm glad I've got a fairly new TS. I don't think I'll ever need to buy again.

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    In case you haven't notice, two other threads involving this subject have been locked and moved. I think this brings up too much problems and this thread will be locked. Can we move along please.

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    I know not everyone checks all forums all the time so this topic is bound to show up here and there for the next few days.

    These threads turn into a mess with politics at the heart so we mods are just shutting them down as they pop up.

    Wood: a fickle medium....

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