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Thread: Jet 1642evs 1.5 hp versus 2 hp

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    Jet 1642evs 1.5 hp versus 2 hp

    I have been looking at the Jet and the Grizzly G0698 and between the availability problems with the Grizzly and the recent sale at Toolnut. I think I am going with the Jet. My question is do you really need the 2 hp option. I was wondering if anyone is having any second thoughts that had went with the 1.5 hp option. I am not a production type turner just an obsessed hobbyist. There is a $300 price tag for that extra half horse so that is a few nice accessories but well worth the extra price if needed.

    Thanks for any input.

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    If you where going to at some time core out bowl blanks the extra HP would be a plus. when you are turning bigger bowl . Depends what you are going to do , if its pens and small boxes I wouldnt spend the extra money.

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    George - I think this is more of a personal decision than anything else. I have the 2 hp Jet and decided on that size motor so that I could grow into the lathe - not out of it. I wanted the power - just in case - something in my future turning would require it - like coring bowls.

    In my case, I chose the Jet over the Powermatic because I could not afford the Powermatic - but at least I could have the same size motor. Most everyone I have read that upgrades does it so they have more swing and additional power to handle the larger blanks. My biggest fear at the time was to buy a new lathe and then kick myself later for getting something underpowered.

    I have heard numerous 1 1/2 hp Jet owners that are happy with their decision. I have not heard of anyone yet that was unhappy with their new 2 hp lathe because it had too much power.

    Lots of luck with your decision! Looking forward to seeing your gloat - no matter which lathe!

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    +1 on 2HP for the money

    I'm with Steve on the "grow into" advice. I have little experience in turning but have grown to love it and I don't regret buying the 2HP jet at all (along with far too many tools to along with it). I still haven't done anything over six inches or really needed the extra power, but it is there when I need it.

    Having said that, I got mine at last years super sale Jet had on the 2HP model (that made it the same price as the 1-1/2) from ToolNut (thanks again everyone for telling me about them). And Jet/Powermatic is going to have a sale starting on the 11th and ToolNut is having the sale too. If the 2HP wasn't the same price as the 1-1/2 (or really close) I'd probably just get the 1-1/2 (and still spent way too much on the other tools to go along with it)


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    Are there availability issues with the Grizzly?

    I'm in the same boat, George. I was all ready to just order the Grizzly and then got Sean's email/flyer on the Jet/PM sale... It really make the Jet tempting.

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    A Wise Creeker

    I recently went through this same process, althought for me the decision was between a Delta 46-460 or spend a bit more and get the Jet 1642. Well a wise creeker encouraged me to "Buy all the lathe you can buy for your budget", once you have decided on the features you MUST have. The Jet topped my budget and I hope that it will take some time to grow into this lathe as I'm not looking forward to having to upgrade any time soon. Make sure to show us your setup after assembly.

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    I asked myself the same question when looking at upgrading. The question was between the 1642-1.5, 1642-2 or the PM 3520. I ended up getting the 1642-1.5 because the local dealer offered it for $1300 including the 18" bed extension. The 2hp would have been $400 more and the PM was $2700.

    Having a 220V motor is preferable, but for me not worth more than $200. The PM, while a much more substantial machine, didn't feel like twice the lathe for twice the price. If I ever upgrade it will be something superior to a 3520.

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    George-I have the 1.5 HP Jet 1642 and like it a lot. I have no trouble coring or turning large bowls. Sure I can stop it if I get too aggressive, but it is a lot of lathe for the money. I got an email from somewhere that WMH Tool is having a substatial sale on their equipment soon. Maybe check around and see what you can find out.

    I have also heard, but cannot substantiate, that Jet is discontinuing the 2HP version so your choices may be limited anyway.
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    I concur with Don, I have the 1642-1 1/2. I have turned both spindles and bowls that weighed 50 pounds or more. I have not done any coring yet, but feel confident that I will be able to. Also a big thing for me was not having 220 in my shop, and with the ever growing list of accessories wanted to spend on tools. I believe you can stall just about any lathe if you get too aggressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Orr View Post
    I have also heard, but cannot substantiate, that Jet is discontinuing the 2HP version so your choices may be limited anyway.
    I think Sean from Toolnut shot down this as a rumor not long ago if I remember correctly.

    Do you have 220 where your lathe will be? This might be a consideration as extra cost to your purchase.

    I bought the 2hp version last year from Toonut and have been very happy with it.


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    For production work, you want the 2 hp. I turned on the 1.5, and it is a nice lathe, but under powered compared to the PM or my Robust which has 3 hp. You can core with a 1 hp motor, but you can't be very aggressive.

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    I have the 1.5 hp Jet; the only thing that kept me from the 2 hp is not having 220 in my 'hut'. I have to say my lathe has done everything I've asked it to do, although it does seem too easy to stall (as posted in an earlier thread). No hijack intended, but sometimes it seems my old Nova 1624 was more powerful. I keep thinking it's the long run of wire to the tool that must be sapping some power from it. Maybe not.

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    It really is a decision only you can make. The advice you have gotten is all good.

    It's been mentioned before, but 2HP motors are really only practical on 220v. 1-1/2 HP is about all you can expect from normal (20A breaker) 110v circuits. The real advantage to 110v motors though, is that you can probably move it to just about anywhere in your shop without having to run a new 220v circuit.

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    I have the 2hp and its really because of several reasons above. I bought it last year when the price was within $200-300 of the 1.5hp. I had similar thinking to Steve above. Its really is a great lathe to 'grow in to' because you can slide the head to the end to do out board turning some day. I have no experience how the two motors would compare with a large chunk off of the end, but I imagine it can't hurt. I can get aggressive and stop the 2hp, but I also have cored some with it.

    I was originally saving loooong term to get the 3520, but I ended up getting my lathe for about half the price. It was just too good to resist.

    Even though Don is very happy with his 1.5hp, I got a little hint in discussions with him that he wondered what life would have been like with the 2hp....

    Overall, I am happy I got it.
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    if you have 220 already, definitely go for it. Remember, 33% is quite a bit. I'd say go for it either way, you'll have nothing to regret.

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