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Thread: Cheapest 6" plastic pipe fittings?

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    Cheapest 6" plastic pipe fittings?

    Hello, for those that are using 6" plastic pipe (sewer and drain or irrigation), what are you using for fittings?

    When I looked at Menards each "Y" was going to be $26.99!!

    Also, where should I look for 6" blast gates?
    Jeff Sudmeier

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    Jeff, when I bought my dc stuff I saw those fittings' prices and went with ONeida's pipe and fittings. There just wasn't enough difference in price when plastic fittings sell for 27 dlrs.

    good luck finding less expensive ones. I hope you find some.
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    Well I hope I can find cheaper pipe/fittings, otherwise I will be saying no to the cyclone and keeping my Harbor Freight DC
    Jeff Sudmeier

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    $17. They were $12 about a year ago!?!

    For wyes closer to machines I use these, attach the gate right to it and run a short 4" hose. This obviously won't work if you want 6" all the way to the machine (which would be optimum).
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    I've gotten my fittings in the past from Ace Hardware Outlet. The current prices are better than you quote. Even with shipping, the Ace prices were better than a local Ag supply house for me. Make sure you search Ace Hardware Outlet and not Ace Hardware. I'm not sure what the difference is but SDR35 fittings show up on one and not the other. For 6" blast gates I've either made my own or more recently I've converted over to ClearVue blast gates.
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    A way to save money on blast gates is to make your own. Here's one way and there are others on here that have made self-cleaning ones.


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    Look for schedule 35 SDR (sewer-drain) fittings. They are for the green drain pipe only, and will not fit schedule 40 pipe. They are lighter weight, and cost about half.


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    Or look at this:
    You can cut pieces of the straight 6" pipe in particular ways so that they can be glued together to form any type of joint you want.

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    The price of plumbing a decent sized shop for good dust control took me by surprise!

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    Check a local plumbing supplier. I bought all my ductwork from them -- three 10-foot 6" PVC runs, three 6x6x4 wyes, three 90-degree turns, a couple reducers, and caps -- all for about $100. The place I visited didn't sell to the public, but I asked nicely and business has been slow, and they kindly obliged.


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    Will the 45's in this picture work for dust collection? It looks to me like they are sharper than store bought 45's...
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    Don't look at the shed. 40 fittings get the cheap ones that are for the sewer pipe. They they have numbers on them.

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    Go to McMaster-Carr for the fittings they have. The 6-6-6 wyes are 15.40. 45 els are 11.29. These have gone up since I bought mine. Start here: Be sure to look at the ASTM 2729 schedule fittings. They don't have the 6-6-4 wyes, nor do they have the 22.5 els. I found both of those a Lowes. 6-6-4 wyes were right at 20.00, and I forget the price of the 22.5 els. Find a local pipe yard for the pipe. I paid 18.40 for the first 2 pieces I started with, then just over 10.00 for the next 3 pieces. But they insist that they don't have fittings for this pipe. Of course, they didn't know what ASTM 2729 was either until I showed them the pipe out in their yard. Horizon Plumbing quoted me some good prices on pipe and a 6-6-6 wye, but when I got there, the Mgr. was out and the girl said she couldn't sell them for that with out his approval. I have found one Lowe's locally that was closing out their 6" fittings and had great prices. Worth looking for when you are close to one of their stores. Hope this helps. I outfitted my shop for about $275.00. Plus the flex hose. Jim.
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