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Thread: Grizzly GO675 J/P Review

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    Grizzly GO675 J/P Review

    Bernie and Monti wanted me to post my findings on setting up my new GS675 10” J/P from Grizzly. I followed the instructions on assembly and finally got it put together. Once I got it on the mobile base it was easy to move around. I read and understood the instructions on verifying that the in and out feeds are parallel. While checking this I realized that moving the machine around without a base could result in getting the table off. ( if you lift it by the table) Using a dial calb. I determined the out feed table was from .004 to .006 off. With the trouble that Monti had with his adjustments I decided to leave it alone. The Strange part was the blade height jig that came with it indicated the blade was no where close to being right. I paid close attention to the instructions. I used several straight edges from the shop and all indicated the blade was right. The blade would just contact the straight edge and move it forward like the instruction said. Next I took some pine and ran it through. The test worked perfect so I got out a 7 inch wide piece of oak…perfect. Next I tested how it would work for boards to glue up. I moved the J/P next to my shaper and pulled the 1 hp feeder to the out feed table and leveled the head. I took another 7” oak board. I choose one that was very cupped. With 0 cut on the in feed I ran the board through several times. I made sure the head did not press the cup out. I was amazed at how little pressure it took to feed. I set the feeder to the slowest speed and did a 1/32 cut. The first pass just took very little off the edges. I went to a faster speed and when the board was almost flat I slowed it down. The board showed no signs of blade marks, proving the jointer could keep up with the feeder. I took it to my table saw and used a 30T Freud glue/rip blade. I cut the board into 3 pcs. At any combination of putting them together they were a perfect fit. This was the first time I have ever got that kind of a fit. Understand that I did not have a good knowledge about the process and had always just used my planner. That is why I bought the jointer. I am very pleased with the J/P and so far have no regrets about buying it. I took a close look at blade change out and concluded it would not be very hard. I plan to check out the planner part next.

    Along with putting on a new Freud 30T glue/rip blade I installed a Biesemeyer splitter. It was a nightmare. The holes did not line up to my Delta contractor.(I have the correct splitter) The screws would start but would have stripped if I tightened them up. I had to drill and file and finally got it on. Getting it to line up with the blade was also bad. It has screw slots that that are wide, but I had to push the splitter all the way to one side and even file to get it to line up. No matter how hard I tried the splitter would get off after getting the screws tight. It would always be 1/16 off in the back. I set up my Biesemeyer fence before installing the splitter. It was a 1/16 off from front to back of the blade. I got it to .004 off and left it alone.

    Buyer beware, About 3 months ago I bought several DVD’s and books off of Amazon. They were good, but they were remakes from VHS from back in the 80’s,,mybad. Since I am a member of Fine Woodworkinig I got a email about 50% off DVD’s and Books. I bought several and you got it..The newest one was a remake from 1997 VHS. They were ok, but I was after more up to date issues.

    Hope this helps
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    not to be too picky but the font you used for your post is very difficult to read. what was wrong with the default font type?

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    thanks Johnnyy, I've been looking forward to this post.

    A few questions for you:

    What do you think about the extruded aluminum fence? When I looked at this machine in the show room, I found that the fence deflected in all directions quite a bit, which made me worried about getting a square corner when edge jointing. It seems like the fence would be more stable if it were mounted in the middle rather than on the leading edge of the infeed table.

    I also found that the fence locking mechanism didn't hold very well. It seemed to come unlocked quite easily. this very well could've been caused by abuse on the showroom floor though.

    Other than that, I really like the idea of the machine.

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    I'll check into that tomorrow. To be honest, I only bought it for the jointer to get one side flat. I have a 15" Delta planner. To get the edge straight, I use my shaper and a straight bit with the stock feeder. Since I have a better understanding I'm looking forward to getting started. I bought alot of machines over the last 7 or 8 years. Now I'm getting back to work.

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    I just recently purchased the Grizzly G0660X J/P. The thing is an absolute beast. I am still getting used to it, so I cant really review it yet. I can tell you I dont like having to crank the planer table all the way down to use the jointer and the digital thickness readout on the planer is metric. It doest really take that long to crank the table down even though it seems like it, but your arm will be worn out by the time the table is down. The tool is made by the German tool company Scheppach. It is the Scheppach Plana 7 with different paint. Unloading it and getting it to my workshop was a project. I have included pictures. The crane stopped working just as the tool was at its peak height in the air. The thing weighs almost 1000lbs

    G0660X 16-1.jpg

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    Johnnyy, thanks for the review. I've been looking forward to it too. It's good to hear that the (only) 2-knife cutterhead is a non-issue, and I'll echo Peter's questions about the fence.



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    I had a Ryobi jointer/planer AH-115 that had a two knife cutterhead also. I found it to not be an issue at all

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