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Thread: Question about H&R Block At Home tax software

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    Question about H&R Block At Home tax software


    My wife and I used H&R Block’s Tax Cut software last year, and it worked fine for us, and we plan to use their new “At Home” version this year.

    My question relates to whether we can use the same package to do our neighbor’s tax. Our neighbor, who lost her husband last year, asked us if we could prepare her taxes for her using the H&R Block software. We told her that we would be happy to do this for her.

    But what we’re wondering is this. Should she have to buy a second software package for her computer, or can we simply load the same software on her computer after using it on our computer? Since the software says that you can do more than one Federal return with a single package, we realize that we could do both ours and her Federal return on our computer, but the software only allows one state return per package, and we don’t want to load ours, run it, then uninstall it and load hers onto our computer.

    So as far as you know, would there be any reason that the software would prevent me from using it on two separate computers?


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    The software is likely licensed for use on one computer...yours. So you probably cannot legally install it on your neighbor's computer. But you most likely can prepare her return for her with no problems. Most tax software allows for multiple returns; presumably for multiple family members that might file separately. I suspect you're not supposed to use "home" software to prepare professionally, but doing a favor for your neighbor may be ok. Read the EULA (End User License Agreement) that came with the software which you accept when you install the software.

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    I'm not a tax lawyer, but it may be worth your neighbor's while to go see a professional tax preparation service (not H&R Block or similar). It seems like there could be some tricky tax issues (I'm thinking estate taxes, etc.) because of her spouses death that you and/or the off-the-shelf software could miss.

    In years where I have moved to different states, I have always used a CPA or other local tax prep service. I don't think I've paid more than $150 and they have always been very thorough. Each time I felt like the cost was well worth it.

    I bet if she or you calls around and gives a little detail about her situation, the various services in your area could provide you with ballpark estimates.

    Good Luck!

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    Louis - As Jim points out, I'll doubt you'll be able to load the program on your neighbor's PC. I've been able to do our kid's taxes with our Tax Cut program, which makes me think you could also do your neighbor's from your PC, but there is a fee for each electronic filing unless she mails a paper copy.
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    You dont even have to install the program. You can go to H&R, Tax ACT, or and other sites and most times file your federal for free. And just pay very little for the state filing. I wouldn't download or install any programs anymore since the codes change every year and you just have to update.

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