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Thread: Bench Cookies

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    I got 8 of them for Christmas. I haven't used them yet but I think they will work great for their intended purpose.
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    If you decide to make your own or refurb your actual BenchCookies find a techie friend that has old mousepads laying around. Scavenge as many as you can. They work great for the non-skid surface.


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    I like mine. After being covered in dust they still grip. I can't say that about that foam router/sanding pad and tool chest drawer liners.

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    I am a fan of the bench cookies. I use them to plop stuff on and route or plane. They work great, even with a little dust on my bench... which I was surprised about actually.... I though they'd slip around in the dust.

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    Hockey Puck and tool box drawer liner from HF. However, the old mouse pad trick sounds better than drawer liner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daryl Henderson View Post
    Hockey Puck and tool box drawer liner from HF
    Is all that really worth it? Bench Cookies are only $3 each

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    I like the mousepad idea. Shape is optional, certainly doesn't have to be round. I think I'll make mine. I know they are only 3 bucks each but it sounds more economical to make. Plus, I can customize. One of an Engineer's favorite activities is redesigning!

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    I also found that they work quite well when dusty. I expected them to slip more once the sawdust got on them. I don't find the rubber to be a problem at all. They have been very stable for me. A little weight keeps them planted to the table very well. A router mat and working off the edge of the table is a big pain a lot of the time, constantly trying to reposition to avoid running into the table edge.

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    If you decide to make your own, you can get a 12 x 12" self adhesive rubber mat here for 6.99. You could make your cookies and more with that and not have to mess with the glue.

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