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Thread: Door Rack

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    Door Rack

    THis is what I made to hold cabinet doors and drawer fronts. I seemed to run out of table and sawhorse room when doing cabinet doors, staining and spraying. Someone on WoodWeb had one similar. I re dezined? this one. It holds 36 doors. Also has castors to move it out of the way. Steve
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    Great Idea Steve

    Thanks for posting it. I hate trying to find a place to put things while finishing.

    When all else fails increase hammer size!
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    Thumbs up Door reack

    Looooking Guouououououod!
    That's the kind of stuff that I also like to do, design equipment racks, as well a projects.
    "Howdy" from Southwestern PA

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    Thanks. It sure is handy

    I have to figure out how to brighten up my pics. Guess thats the difference between a $250.00 dig camera and a $1000.00 one. Steve

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    A $250 digital camera is just fine for pics for the web.

    When taking pics of things like your rack simply use a couple of floods -might need to practice the positioning of the lights to avoid glare & shadow problems.

    Or do what I did here (hope you don't mind) after you take the pic if the quality is not good enough bring it into a photo editing program & fix it. I use Ulead photoImpact - Same as Dr. Zack apparantly, & it works great. There are plenty of cheap & even free programs that will do the basics like lighting, cropping & contrast.

    I would have cropped it closer & kept the pic dimension a little bigger also. Hope this helps - I'm better at this stuff than woodworking so I try to help when I can.
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    Thumbs up Hey Thanks Tom.

    Picture looks much better. I'll work on this pic stuff when time and try to do better, promise!! Steve

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