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Thread: Question for Ridgid R4511 Owners

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    Question for Ridgid R4511 Owners

    I'm considering buying a Ridgid R4511 as it seems to meet all my requirements except my need (want?) to have 48 inches rip capacity to the right of the blade for halfing sheet goods. I have an old Craftsman saw now fitted with a Unifence and extension table, and am wondering if the Ridgid could be adapted for this fence and rail, perhaps using a store-bought extension table from Grizzly or elsewhere (the one I have is home-built and less than ideal). I really like the huge rip capacity I created with my Franken-saw, so I'd like to retain that with whatever new one I get.
    Finally, should I expect a power improvement from the R4511's motor compared to my old 113 Craftsman contractor saw? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Here's one with a Shop Fox Classic upgrade and extension table.
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