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Thread: plans for a philadephia Wing Chair

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    plans for a philadephia Wing Chair

    has anyone built a philadelphia Wing Chair? if so, where can I find some plans?

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    You might try Olde Mill Cabinet Shop who puts on the classes by Gene Landon. Not sure but there might be a Philly easy chair on the list of plans.

    Although it is Charleston, not Philadelphia Carlyle Lynch has a nice plan of an 18th century easy chair attributed to Thomas Elfe. There are also drawings of it in Thomas Elfe - Cabinetmaker by Samuel Humphries. I made one of these, attached.

    There are two very nice easy chairs in "Queen Anne furniture" by Norman Vandal, but neither is Philadelphia and neither is chippendale (you didn't say chippendale but that is what I think of when you say Philadelphia furniture).
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    I haven't built it, but a Google search yielded this link.
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