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Thread: Spindle gouge vs. bowl gouge

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    Spindle gouge vs. bowl gouge

    Here's today's silly question of the day...

    What is the difference between a spindle gouge and a bowl gouge? I have been trying to improve my sharpening skills recently, with only moderate success, I might add. Was doing some reding about sharpening, etc. and what I read says the geometry of the sharpening is different. What, if anything, other than the sharpening geometry is different between these two gaouges? Thanks.

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    I believe that the main difference between the two is this:

    A Spindle gouge is a shallow gouge something like this " ( "

    A Bowl Gouge is much deeper - more like this "u"

    As you already found out, you grind them into different profiles, too.

    Hope this helps.


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    The flutes are designed differently...that's the major physical difference. But that one thing is also what makes them work well for the jobs they are intended for. Frankly, it's dangerous to use a spindle gouge for turning work on the inside of a bowl. They can work OK on the outside if you are turning an end-grain vessel, but may catch easily on a faceplate oriented blank. This is the same reason why you should NEVER use a roughing gouge on a bowl...they are for spindle work exclustively.

    The deeper flute profile of the bowl gouge is designed to allow for a bevel that can easly ride on the material as you sweep through a hollowing cut. While you "can" use them for spindle work, they don't work as well, especially when things get small.

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    Hi Royce,

    I'm a total lathe nubie and I love my Wolverine Jig. It helps keep things consistant. There are plans to make a simular jig if you don't have the cash to lay out for the Wolverine. Have fun.

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