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Thread: Installing urathane bandsaw belt drive

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    Installing urathane bandsaw belt drive

    The belt drive I took off my delta bandsaw 58-560 is rubber @ 16 inches. I have a urathane belt @12 inches. Putting it in boiling water should this allow me to strech it enough to fit.

    Thanking you in advance for any assistance



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    I think you have the wrong belt for your saw. Urethane will stretch, but not that much. I would double check with your supplier. When I put urethane belts on my Dad's 16" BS it was about an inch smaller in diameter (maybe less) than the wheel diameter. Even so I needed four hands to get it on the wheel. You will need very hot water and gloves to protect your hands from the heat. The belt will start cooling the instant it touches the metal wheel.
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    When I received my 21" bandsaw from Grizzly, both tires were split.

    They immediately sent a replacement set. They looked awfully small, but I boiled them for a few minutes and attempted to stretch them over the wheel---that didn't work.

    I was sure they sent the wrong tire so I call tech support--

    They told me to boil the tires for at least 15 minutes. It worked but took two people. They were warm, but not too hot to handle.

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    I got my 14" tires from Peachtree - I was SURE they were undersized.

    I ended up putting quickgrip clamps on the wheel at 10 and 2 as guides to make sure the tire could not slip off. The clamps were positioned as if I were trying to make the wheel skinnier.

    and these kept the top of the tire from coming off as I pulled down on the boiled tire at 4 and 8.

    Went on with some effort but a lot easier than without the clamps
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    are you talking about the tires the saw blade rides on or the drive belt that the motor is connected to? from your post you sound like you are talking about the actual motor drive belt
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    I used a method involving 3 x Bessey Tradesman clamps..

    I clamped the tire to any part of the wheel.. then streched the tire as much as possible.. and wrapped it up the side.. installing another clamp..

    Then i did the other direction, installing a clamp..

    Then I removed the origional clamp, and worked my way around to the top..

    The first tire was tough.. the second was easy..

    If they are Urethane, I highly suggest using some hairspray on the cast Iron.. I had a terrible problem with the top tire slowly coming off .. I tried to order new tires from SCM .. after months, they never showed up .. then I heard about hairspray..

    I lifted the tire and shot hairspray underneath, the problem was solved.. its been 6 months and no problem.. Bizarre ..

    If you use the 3 clamp method, its pretty easy.. You can likely do it alone, but 3 hands are ideal..

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