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Thread: A couple more natural edges

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    A couple more natural edges

    Well, I'm going to try to upload pictures again today of a couple more natural edge bowls that I have done and are almost completed.

    Both have been finished so far with Minwax Tung Oil Finish and will be buffed with the Beall system after a couple of days.

    One is oak and is about 5" in diameter, 4" tall, and has 3/16" thick walls. Unfortunately, I lost the bark on this one, but the cambria layer looks pretty good to me.

    The other is walnut and is about the same size, except with 1/4" walls. I made liberal use of CA to ensure I could keep the bark on this one.

    Once I get my hands on some larger blanks, I want to make some 8-9" bowls.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Keith, they are beautiful bowls. I love the way the Walnut bowl looks.
    Some day, I'll get there. great work.
    NOTHING beats a failure,but a try.
    Have a Blessed Day,


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    Both are nice. Sorry you lost the bark on the oak. I know nothing about turning this type of bowl. Why did the bark come off? I assume you glued it as well? I guess this is done while the wood is green?
    Big Mike

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    The oak was very dry and it looked like the tree went through a lot of stress while growing. The bark came off during roughing of the blank, in fact, it happened almost immediately when I started the roughing so I had no chance to save it. I just went ahead and took all the bark off after more than 60% had flown off. It was interesting to have all that bark flying in the wind. Fortunately, I was not a target (this time).
    Don't burn the wood, turn the wood.

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    Great Bowls - I know what you are talking about with the "Flying Bark." That is why I have a tendency to stand to the side when rough turning wood with bark "on"?!

    I DO have to get a face shield!!!!

    Hm - something else for the Christmas list!


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    Hey. Very nice bowls Keith.

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    Nice looking bowl Kieth!

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    Both are super looking bowls, Keith, but that Walnut one just blows me away! Man, you are just coming up with some of the wildest grain on your creations lately! Beautiful job on both!
    John K. Miliunas

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    You been pumpin them out there Keith. Better bring one for your WW show party host, just to easy the pain of the last rejection. .

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    Nice stuff Keith! You nailed it with the grain orientation on both of these. I think the fact that the Oak shed the bark during the turning adds something to that bowl. I kinda like the subdued natural edge on the Oak Bowl. The Walnut is really cool too.................nice contrast from the bark, to the lighter sapwood to the heartwood. Great job as always............thanks for sharing them!

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    They both look very nice! I really like the Walnut bowl.

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    Nice wood, nice bowls....on the next one you make try it with a little smaller foot than the walnut one, and see how you like it.
    Glenn Hodges
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    Thanks everyone

    Thanks for all the encouragement with these natural edges. I stayed away for quite a while because I had a difficult time comprehending the orientation of the wood. Once I figured that out, I was on my way.

    I love the discovery of the grain. It amazes me to find some of the grains I find. I really make no effort to orient the blank in a certain way because of grain, I only adjust the shape, hopefully to enhance what is already there.

    I have also always liked the look of incorporating bark into a bowl. The very first thing I ever turned was a bowl that had bark on the side.

    Tyler, unfortunately, these are spoken for, but I will get one to you sometime. After all, I do travel to Minneapolis quite often. (and always on pleasure )

    See everyone going to the Minnesota Creekers BBQ next week.

    Don't burn the wood, turn the wood.

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