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Thread: My First Pepper Mills

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    My First Pepper Mills

    I have made pepper mills for Christmas presents, this year. I was amazed at how the same general shape can vary so subtly, one slight variation being more pleasing than another. I plan to make may more of these and also experiment with different size kits. These are 6" kits from Woodcraft.

    These were finished with wipe-on poly and buffed with EEE, WD & Carnauba.

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    John, I think those are great. Ruined the two I tried to make, will have to try again. The light wood with the 'ribbon-effect' lips looks especially nice.

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    John, interesting shape and quite different from the norm! Very appealing, actually. With that profile, I can see where just a little variation would make a difference in the overall look.

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    Those are some nice mills. I have a couple to make for Christmas and still haven't decided the shape I want. I'm thinking they might look similar to those. Thanks

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    Nice work on your pepper mills John! I agree - small changes in form can make a huge difference in the finished product. I like the style of these - very clean lines and really good looking wood! Thanks for sharing!

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