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Thread: Looking for lamp designs.

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    Looking for lamp designs.

    Hi people and merry christmas. Im looking for any design or ideas to making a lamp. Any help welcome. Thanks.

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    You can try making something like this which is not too hard. Good luck
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    There are a few free plans here, they are all laser cut from thin wood or tyvek

    This is an interesting company, they don't have a US distributor yet, click on the design link then lighting:

    I make these:

    The art work is all copyrighted, but I could give out the basic box design, they are cut from 1/8 baltic birch.

    Best regards

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    Here is the blank lamp cutting diagram in both illustrator and eps formats, I need to re install corel, so I can't post a .cdr file

    I've also sent a couple of pics of finished lamps.

    It takes a cord like this one:

    from here:

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergio Arze View Post
    You can try making something like this which is not too hard. Good luck
    Sergio, I really like this lamp! What material did you use?

    cheers, dee
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