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Thread: Need ideas for a treasure chest

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    Need ideas for a treasure chest

    I just started working at a dental clinic last week.
    There's no treasure chest for the kids, so I was thinking of making one.
    I was thinking of buying a leather/fabric box from a thrift shop, or simply embellishing a cardboard box with some veneer and shellac.

    Do you have any suggestions for a Treasure chest?

    It'll need to be safe (no squished fingers please), tough, and fairly inexpensive.

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    Big box hobby and decorating shops tend to have relatively inexpensive boxes that could double as treasure chests for not too much (<$50). Here, it's Hobby Lobby or Old Time Pottery.

    Another option is a party/costume shop, like Party City or Card Factory Outlet. They might have a plastic treasure chest. Who knows, Target or Walmart may still have something on clearance from Halloween.
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    Matt, did you ever find a treasure chest? I was in Garden Ridge (with LOML, not by my own choice) and saw 3 different sizes ranging from $20 - $45. I looked at a couple of the $20 and noticed that the hardware was on with phillips head screws so that might be a source for cheap hardware if you decide to make one.

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    Thumbs up treasure chest

    hey matt, why don't you make a three sided one?? it would fit nicely in the corner of any room. now there's an idea forya edsmyrna

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