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Thread: Turning DVD's.

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    Turning DVD's.

    Gentlemen. Just wondering if any of you have any recommendations with regards to some introductory wood turning dvd's?

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    I would look at Keith Rowley's Woodturning -A Foundation Course and Bill Grumbines Turned Bowls Made Easy.

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    David - highly recommend Bill Grumbine's 'Turned Bowls Made Easy' as he takes you through each step needed - from cutting a blank, sharpening, different cuts with your gouge, bowl form, etc. Just my opinion - one of the best videos out there!

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    I really like Richard Raffan's Videos. He works fast but that is the magic of the rewind button. I have learned a ton from watching him work.

    I also recently from got a few DVDs featuring an English man named Andy Lodge. He is quite talented, explains what he is doing well, and the camera work was superb. I really do recommend his stuff. Great beginner pieces. I have purchased the whole set.


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    Check out Mahoney's stuff

    You might also take a look at Mike Mahoney's bowl turning DVDs. I think his overhead camera shots are superior to the angles used in many other tutorials. Also check out Bob Hamilton's tutorials on You Tube. He uses good overhead angles - and his instruction is free

    If you want to learn how to use a skew chisel, the hands down videos available are those sold by Alan Lacer, IMHO.

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    Ditto the Grumbine video... I just got it and really like it. Raffan's videos I've enjoyed. Also, Jimmy clewes videos are interesting but "turn it on" is not a beginners video

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    I addition to Bill Grumbines DVDs, I would also take a look at Lyle Jamieson (sp?) Bowl Basics. He's a little long winded, but he goes into a lot more depth. May or may not be for you. I found it more informative than Bills. If I were to choose 1 it would be Bill's.

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