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Thread: TurboCAD vs. DesignCAD

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    TurboCAD vs. DesignCAD

    Hey folks,

    Not to flog a dead horse... I have read a great deal of talk on this board about these programs already, but I can't resist asking for anyone who can do a direct comparison.
    I will use this program for designing woodworking projects primarily with the occasional use of a kitchen or bathroom layout.
    I have downloaded a trial of DesignCAD 3D Max v-15 and it seems very easy to use, even though I have no CAD experiance and a great deal to learn. The TurboCAD deluxe v10.2 (not profesional) is marketed as a more "serious" program, unfortunately no trial version of this exists.
    In the promo for TurboCAD they talk about how you can have "associated" measurments, this sounds pretty cool, does that mean if you change one dimension that other dimensions you have specified will increase proportionately? Can DesignCAD achieve this same effect?

    Thanks for your thoughts, regarding my initial post to Sawmill Creek.


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    Welcome to the 'Creek Matt! Sorry I can't answer your question but I'm sure there are others here that can. Again......Welcome!

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    I think they are both IMSI products and similar, I haven't used designcad but I have used TurboCad for about 6 years and it is great!
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    IMSI recently aquired the DesignCAD product line and already had TurboCAD. You may want to read the article in the most recent issue of Fine Woodworking which contrasts both programs as well as a few others. I have used DesignCAD for many years and only SketchUp! has taken me away from it to a certain point. I tried TC, but didn't find it as intuitive as DesignCAD, if you can use that word and CAD in the same sentence...

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