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Thread: Kreg or incra system for miter station ?

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    Kreg or incra system for miter station ?

    I am getting ready to build a new miter saw station and am trying to decide between the Kreg vs. the Incra fence systems. I have experience with the Kreg system as I have that on my current rudimentary miter saw station. I also have experience with the Incra 5000 sled for the table saw. One of the potential advantages I perceive with the Incra is the ability to remove the fence when I want to take advantage of the workspace surface of the miter saw station. The miter saw would be positioned lower than the adjoining outfeed so that the ms bed would be coplanar with the outfeed surfaces.I would deeply appreciate any insight as to the advantages of one versus the other. Thank you in advance for your help.


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    I do not know anything about the incra system... but I sure like the Kreg system. I think they work like a champ and I love the stop that comes with it.

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    I love the Kreg system on my mitre station.

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    I use the Kreg on my miter station and drill press but I use the Incra fence on my router table. With the Kreg I had enough track left over from the miter to use on the drill press. I also use Incra hold downs on the drill press.

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