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Thread: Pinnacle Lasers and a friendly hello

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    Pinnacle Lasers and a friendly hello

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been following the threads here until I got activated. What a great forum this is.
    Anyway, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Chuck Burke, I am starting a laser engraving/awards/recognition business in Woodinville Washington, and I look forward to learning from this forum and contributing.
    Also, in reading the threads, someone requested a post from someone with an "overseas" laser. Well, I guess that would be me.
    After researching all the major players, Epilog, Universal, Trotec, and Versalesar I decided on the Pinnacle ( Also known as LaserPro) made by GCC in Taiwan.
    So far I am pleased with the Pinnacle. It works every bit as good as the Epilog that I saw demonstrated recently, it is more substantial ( hence the wait) the printer driver is compatible with all the software I am using thus far, and MOST importantly the Tech support is beyond compare. The only reason I have needed tech support is to boost my learning curve.
    The customer service from Pinnacle is superb and the package that I received when I bought the laser, would have added several thousand dollars to the cost of any of the others. So all in all, so far, I am very pleased with the Pinnacle and the service and support I have received from Signwarehouse where I purchased the machine.
    I look forward to following all the posts and learning from you all.

    Chuck Burke
    Pacific LaZer Works

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    Hi Chuck;
    Welcome to the forum. You will find a great bunch of folks with info (and opinions!) on just about everything. I also have a LaserPro -Mercury 60 watt model, and have had it about 16 months. Still have not done everything I want to try with it-awesome machine and incredibly versatile.
    let me know if you have any questions- be glad to help. Good luck.

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    Pinnicle machines

    HI Chuck

    I know what you mean about tech support from Signwarehouse, in fact Kevin is a member of SMC. He really has a lot of valuable info and they are fairly quick to answer any questions. Good luck with your endeavors. I'm in southern New Jersey and it's been a little slow getting this business started but we're moviing ahead.


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    George, Gary
    Thank you for you interest in helping and your support. I am excited about my new endeavor and I cannot wait to get further along.
    I think this Forum is AWESOME, and I look forward to checking it everyday.

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    Welcome Jedi Warrior,
    Taken interest in your craft of late out of ignorance more than anything. This is a great place to hang out., lots of good folks. I will not be seduced dark side.....
    May the force be with you.
    Live Like You Mean It.

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    Chuck, are you going to engrave pens? I am a pen turner from down the road in Kirkland and have been thinking about having some pens done. Send me a e-mail and we can see what we can do.
    Stephen Lybeck

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    Hey Chuck,

    This is Kevin. Just wanted to say hi.
    I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.
    As always you know my number if you need any assistance.

    Kevin W. Huffman II
    Pinnacle Laser

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