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Thread: laser rubber help! [no odor rubber]

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    Arrow laser rubber help! [no odor rubber]

    i dont know if i am doing something wrong. this is the first time i am trying to make stamps with rubber. i have only tried polymer in the past.

    i am using the no odor rubber from millennium marking.

    i used the default rubberstamp settings of my laser driver[100 power 15 speed] i am using a 25 watt versalaser

    the rubber came out horrible hardly any of the image is actually there. no details either. and the image file is fine because i ordered some before with the same file before i got my own laser.

    another problem i have is that the part of the stamp that is non-raised is not completely flat. it is textured and bumpy. the ones i have ordered from other people are completely flat.

    i noticed when i etch wood it wont come out flat either. what am i doing wrong??

    i will attach a photo of my sample next to one i had ordered so you can see the difference in the textured part.

    my sample is at the bottom.

    is it just this type of rubber? are the settings too high??

    i am getting so frustrated !

    please help
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    Hi Nadia;
    I wish I could help you but I hate rubber-would rather get a root canal without Novocaine than laser rubber. Terrible stuff-dirty and horrible odor which lingers for months-had to pressure wash my whole house, inside and out, as well as my twin grand-gals to get rid of last traces.
    Only kidding, but really do hate the stuff. You may find a few guys with advice on this subject but most folks do it once-and only once-then forget it.
    Good Luck
    Best regards;

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    Are you sure you are lasering the right side of the rubber?
    Mike Mackenzie
    Sales and Service of Universal Laser Systems

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    i honestly have no idea. heh. i was wondering that as well.

    which is the correct side? there is a shiny side and then a rough one

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    THe shiny side goes down
    Jim Watkins
    Aliso Viejo, CA.

    EPILOG Mini 24 - 45w
    Corel X4; PhotoGrave 3.0
    Nova 1624-44 Lathe

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    hmm perhaps that is what i am doing wrong! i think i lasered the shiny side. i will test on the other side. i hope it comes out better!

    thank you so much for replying

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    I have only done a few stamps, but here is what I have to share.

    I have been using Millennium Marking low odor rubber, and have been very happy with the lack of stink.

    I'm using a 35W Epilog with raster 20S / 100P doing 2 passes to get the depth I wanted without melting or causing the the rubber to ignite. I also turned the air on to keep the dust from flaring up which caused some charring in the detail. (How to from Peck with Epilog can be found in the forum)

    For cutting the stamp out...

    Vector Speed 40 Power 60 and Freq. 600

    I have one job saved with the 1st vector pass settings, and a 2nd. for the last raster pass and the vector cut out.

    Hope this helps.


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