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  1. The Electric Carpenter

    I have started to research this machine. Found the patent by "Woodworking Machinery Co."

    Sold by: Carpenters Machinery Co., Messinger Manufacturing, American Floor Surfacing Co., Nathional Target & Supply .......

    I have 78 and counting so far just from Carpenters Machinery Co.

    Any paperwork, serial#, model, is it being used...or history, would be appreciated !!!

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    I can't resist asking this. When you say that you have 78, do you mean you have 78 of these machines?

  3. The Electric Carpenter

    No I don't have them,

    So far I have found that 78 of these machines that were sold just from Carpenters Machinery Co. (some listed below)

    When I first started looking for info on my machine I saw one or two with American Floor Surfacing Co.s name in the casting in the base but I had dismissed them at that time, only to find out later they were the same machine.

    Have since found ad's in both Popular Mechanics & Popular Science from 1930 to 1939 from all 4 Co's. selling the same machine with two claiming to manufacture it.

    Have sales testimonials from, The Hahnamann Medical Collage, Windsor Manufacturing Co.,Temple University, Penn Athletic Club, Lionel Trains, ...

  4. Up to 81 machines now, still looking for any new info on a Electric Carpenter, S.S. Messinger Manufacturing, Carpenters Machinery Co, Inc., or Gilbert.L. Dannehower.

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    I hate to complain, but... this thread stinks without pictures.

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    I agree with Johnny, whats a thread without pictures.
    The last time I saw the light at the end of the tunnel it was another train heading at me...

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    Here's a really nice one
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    That is one very cool grouping of machines. Wow.

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    I guess combo machines aren't such a new idea after all, huh?

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    Does anyone happen to have on owners manual for one of these machines. I have one of the machines that has been in the family since it was new. I have an original sales broucher but it is not a set up or operating manual. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Fred

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    Just take the brake off the water wheel, and let it turn, brother!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randall Clark View Post
    Just take the brake off the water wheel, and let it turn, brother!
    LOL, that gave me laugh. My wife doesn't understand why I think these things are funny.

    Back on topic - that looks like a pretty slick piece of machinery.

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