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Thread: Xenetech treated me right

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    Xenetech treated me right

    Xenetech sent Mike to repair my 24x36 Laser that would not cut circles.He started some test runs and than checked and adjusted rails,bridge,belts y-motor,and replaced the o-ring and mounting bolts.He than replaced the bushings and than shimmed the Y motor.Mike did a really good job and took his time to to answer my questions even when I would get in his way. We finished for the day and he set the machine to run that night to break in the new parts. The next morning we started at 8:00 am
    and only stopped for lunch.Mike made some more adjustments,to my table and beam, and we cut some circles in wood and and plastic.They came out great.Just some words for Xenetech, you are really lucky to have someone like Mike.The suggestons and tips I recieved from him made me feel like I was a part Xenetech Family. tHANKS Robert
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    Great news. Good for Xenetech!

    Thanks for the update.
    Mike Null

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    That is what I expected of Xenetech, a year ago or so my laser tube needed to be recharge and it would have been weeks to have it done. I contacted Xenetech and they did not have a swap tube at that time, I thought that I would loose two large wedding candle votive jobs. One of the techs called me back and they had a new tube that was 2-3 watts low and could not use it in a new machine and the mfg would not recharge it for no charge because it was in there speck. They let me have the NEW one for the price of a recharge, and it was in UPS red tht day. I am a service tech for super-pecision machines 8hr/day and know Quality ... I am Very satisfied with Xenetech!

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