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Thread: Rafter or Framing Square

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    I've been really happy with a Woodpeckers 18" carpenters triangle.

    They're pricey, but mine came dead-square. This along with a track saw lets me knock out cab parts to final size right quick.

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    I have 2 framing squares. The one I purchased about 30 years ago is a Craftman and it is reasonably accurate. Probably about .031" out over the 24" dimension. This is fine for carpentry in most cases. My other square was my Great Grandfathers and and is a Sargeant & Co. It is extremely accurate and when I measured it at work on a coordinate measuring machine, the 24" leg was out of square by.0035" and I chose to leave it be. This square tapers down from .165" thick at the corner to .086" thick at the end of both legs. It is a primo example of what good quality tools were like in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when most work was still done by hand.
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    If you want the best framing square get a Sands, They have been around since Moby Dick was a Minnow. All I have used for 45 years

    Comes in Copper,Blued,Polished

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    I use a large "T" square for layout and breaking down panels. It is inexpensive and works well
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