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Thread: Sam Maloof Passes...

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    Sam Maloof Passes...

    Probably the most famous American Woodworker passed away yesterday at age 93 at his home in the Alta Loma section of Rancho Cucamonga, CA....Ron
    A turning a day keeps the doctor away.

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    I heard it also, prayers to the ones he left behind, what a man. amazing guy

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    A true giant in the field of woodworking. He and his style had a big influence of me and thousands of other want-to-be woodworkers.

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    that's so sad. as a junior woodworker I've always idolized him. I kept saying I need to visit him and I really wanted to just meet him at least once and now it's too late. He only lived about 2ish hours away from me too. that's sad. But we all know he lived a great life, I'm sure he did.

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